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  • jetz! from New Zealand

    Hi All. I go by the name jetz! an ex player of DoD 1.3.

    Use to play in New Zealand/Aus comps. Pretty noob question as I haven't really converted to DoD Source back then but are the accuracy the same when using ADS or not in Days of War?

    Thank you

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    Welcome to the forums!

    They are still trying to figure out what to do with ADS it seems. I think they are getting a lot of push back from comp players not wanting it all against casual players who want it. What currently is in the game is a joke of a balance to be brutally honest. It is impossible to use ADS due to recoil levels the exact same as hip fire. Personally, I say just allow servers to disable it if you want to run a comp server because it is very much a game breaker for many casuals including myself.

    However, weapon feel outside of that will feel very similar to anyone coming from the DOD franchise. You'll pick up hip firing in no time.

    As for accuracy, either ADS or hipfire it is dead on just like DOD/S (aside from auto's due to recoil).
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      No recoil is for clueless noobs with no skill.


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        ^ damn straight it is.

        Thanks for your reply A. Switz. For DoD 1.3 players like myself who prefer no ADS as that's what separates DoD from all other FPS games and unique in it's own way. Will wait for the final days of the game before I jump on. :-) Thanks again


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          Well if ADS doesn't come back in a working state, I won't be playing DoW. I have 60 games installed and tend to bounce around to the ones I enjoy and I do not enjoy arena styled hip fire quake gameplay. If I did, I would be all over Quake Champions.
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