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  • COD back to WW2

    As many are already aware, COD is going back to WW2. This is good for DOW as it means Activision market research has found WW2 is set for a come back. But woe to Bat1944 and other COD clones who thought they'd do a modern COD in a WW2 setting. Hope the DOW devs know what I'm saying!

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    I already pre-ordered CoD WII but we'll still have to see if it will be a good game. I also bought DoW and Battalion, both of these games will be impacted by CoD WWII for sure but if CoD fails Battallion may still score. Actually very interesting time between these 3 games but I think the market was already ready for a WW2 setting for a long time. It's a bit stupid that we now have 3 WWII games around the same time as a customer being.


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      The move back in time seems, by all accounts, to be a reaction to the science fiction setting of the latest amusement in the arrangement. "Limitless Warfare had a huge amount of awesome gameplay advancements," Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said amid a profit bring in February. "Yet, it additionally had a setting that didn't interest the majority of our fans."